The Miraculous, Tragic M (Part I)

Of course, This latest story happened at The Eagle.. Maybe it was a Saturday instead of our usual Friday night though…
No wait. iIt was, I’m informed a Sunday.

Last week my esteemed colleague and I were enjoying the newly enclosed patio there complete with extremely sexy looking (but only marginally effective) space heater. There’s also a new covered entry to the patio; about 15′ long and surrounded on 3 sides with a smelly clear vinyl product. I call it the runway. There’s really only room for one person to pass through this passage at a time, so every new visitor to the patio is on display as singular super star – no cliquey groups of gen-x bears arriving in a clump.

Well, it was becoming cold on the patio and we were ready to go in for re-heating when a large, tall man bounded down the runway and landed with a dramatic flurry at our feet. He immediately presented his hand for shaking, muttering something to himself. After a gentlemanly but crushing handshake, he patted one of us on the shoulder and proceeded to get in the face of every other patron in the room -equally charming and engaging with each one.There was something about this guy – forget how much his gregariousness stood out there on the cold, plastic patio. This guy was charismatic. He had an open handsome face with no sharp features/a strong jaw/ blond – only slightly thinning hair/ a broad smile and good teeth. Most of the men he attempted to greet and jostle with recoiled at his attempts, but he would not be put off until he crunched every hand in the room.

“Thank you, thank you very much. There’ll be door prizes when you leave.” he would say-or something like that.

He finally ended up seated beside my esteemed colleague, though he never remained still for long. We were both more than willing to indulge this fresh new face and between his rushes to the WC and negotiations with the DJ we learned much about him.
He was Serbian. He liked Metalica. He had a Savant-like knowledge of popular culture which he referred to constantly. He claimed to speak five – or was it six – languages. He also seemed to know the proper name and location of every muscle of the human body.

Now, my esteemed colleague is an expert in nomenclature. He has encyclopedic knowledge of the language and even HE was impressed with M’s knowledge of muscular anatomy. So impressed, in fact that he allowed M to do something I thought I’d never see in a public place.

“The way you sit -let me guess – at a desk all day – maybe a computer even? OK. You probably have a blah blah in your blah blah”.

The next thing I knew M had my esteemed colleague sitting on a stool right in the middle of the patio. Overcoats were removed and the miraculous M began LAYING HANDS on my friend.

“Just so you know this isn’t sexual , OK? ” as he starts feeling up friend’s back.”Ok. Ok now , feel this here?” – M calls me over and I actually feel a knotted bump on my colleague’s shoulder. What’s more, my colleague did not resist this public touching . Neither of us takes kindly to being made the center of attention, especially when being man-handled is involved. We looked at each in total delighted surprise as if to say “this guy knows his shit”, and ” Take note of this. This is RARE.”

So now our tall, rapid-fire speaking new friend had acquired a whole new stature in both our eyes. He had cured my colleague of an itch I doubt he even knew he had. When I let it be known that I was uncharacteristically cold, he smothered me with his corduroy blazer without missing a beat. He was kind, witty and although he never seemed to stay with us very long – very entertaining.
Cuddled under his blond colored blazer I realized that this – that HE; the miraculous M – we both needed very much:
A man who seemed to want nothing more than be our friends, and a man who was more than up to that task.

Next something happened that changed the tone our evening – not mention future relations with M – for good. Something that would up the ante – raise the stakes – transform our burgeoning friendships into something else altogether. A tragedy was about to unfurl.

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