(For a very recent piece on this very subject see Russell Smith in The Globe and Mail, which reads strikingly like wikipedia itself.)

Well, it seems I’ve been hyper out-cooled by a whole generation of folks who’ve developed their own Internet shorthand, called “leet”.

Froget any calls to do a thesis on the language of the Internet. It’s ALL BEEN DONE.
These ultra-leets have stooped to define their ultra elite use of language for us common plebes. Check out Even if you have no interest in ‘leet. It’s a fantastic site and prime example why the Internet can be such a useful medium.

For more than you’d ever care to know about ‘leet’

Sometimes there’s so much authoratative information on the net, it really makes one wonder if he shouldn’t just keep his mouth shut about something unless he’s a world renowned expert or a terrifically talented bullshitter.

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