Hoorays Withdrawnwn

From the last, and ever lasting post of Soblo;

Hooray for you
Everybody wants to leave something behind them, some impression, some mark upon the world. And then you think, you’ve left a mark on the world if you just get through it and a few people remember your name. Then you’ve left a mark. You don’t have to bend the world. I think it’s better just to enjoy it. Pay your dues and enjoy it. If you shoot an arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you. -Dorian Corey, “Paris is Burning”

This quote is actually a place holder for a weblog. Soblo hasn’t posted anything else in many weeks. He gave up blogging when a real time friend discovered his secret postings on blogspot.com. In other words, Soblo had been deriding and insulting those friends who inhabit his real-time life-space and was naive enough to belive these ‘real’ people wouldn’t find him out.

Now far be it from we humble readers – as he was fond of calling the non-persons who read his blog – far be it from us to suggest anyone should be working harder or contributing more or shooting higher. After all, Soblo DOES does have a job and even some educational pursuits to keep him busy. But that’s not the point of his banner. The point is he’s tired of explaining to us why he should bother to extend himself at all, and so he finds a quote that explains it for him.

So no more blog from Soblo. Ok. It’s a bit sad, but we’ll live.
But seriously this is “Paris is Burning” the man is quoting here to represent himself in his absence.

Just a little misleading.
Just a tad disingenuous.

To leave this ‘ banner ‘ in place of a blog is an obnoxious reminder that Soblo has decided to bugger off and “just enjoy it” without even attempting to draw his bow. Has he suffered so much he can no longer bare to do anything but indulge his dotage of the moment?

True, bending the world is not necessary.
And if Dorion Corey is somewhat brittle about his right to enjoyment, so be it. He has his reasons. He does not, incidentally, insist on his right to pleasure, just a little enjoyment.

These ” Paris is Burning” men are stuck at the bottom of the heap; doubly, and then triply hated for being gay, poor and/or black and/or drag queens with most of the men being all four things at once. The likelihood that society will even give them the chance to do something meaningful is less than zero. Serioulsy, society doesn’t want the men of Paris is burning to even exist.

From Dorion Corey, ” I think it’s better to just enjoy it” makes sense because he has had none of the opportunities most folks are afforded to get even a sliver of enjoyment out of his life.

From Soblo it’s something altogether more menacing.

Firstly, he shares only one shameful quality with the downtrodden men of the film; being gay – except he merely happens to be a male person who happens to be gay .

Second, thirdly and so on, he’s white, he’s employed and unless he’s otherwise having a secret life he’s certainly no drag queen.

It leaves one with a terribly empty feeling to know that a privileged, good looking, white, able-bodied, highly educated man who happens to be gay can second the musings of poor, black drag queens to rationalize his wanton indulgences.

Hoorays for Soblo withdrawn.

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