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Perseveration in Techno i

February 27, 2006

(from queercontructionii, Sept, 04)

Top foot note. This post was composed while my DSL connection was down for FOUR DAYS. It's a little long, a little involved and maybe even a little unnecessary. But If you've ever wondered what goes though the mind of someone who perseverates….

Discussed below: A perseveration, mantra, prayer or however one wishes to categorize the repetition of a sound, series of sounds, word or phrase without conveying an identifiable pattern.

This practice may be completed within one's own head, however a voiced rendition is far more effective, not to mention easier to manage .Combinations of thought phrases and spoken phrases are not allowed. Thought renditions are only recommended when voicing the perseveration would have the potential of upsetting companions or passers by to the point where the perseverator feels obliged to stop voicing in order to avoid embarrassment, conflict or the necessity to explain his activity to outsiders. Perseverations can't be explained and one should never attempt to do so. Having been ' found out' voicing a perseveration, one is advised to pause – make suitable alterations to the words or sounds and continue the perseverations as silent thoughts within one's own head in as inconspicuous a manner as possible until the event runs it''s natural course – remembering that the goal of any style of perseveration is peace of mind.

I speak here of word or sound perseverations. Phyical perseverations are equally common and when accompanied by word/sound perseveration can be, at the same time, more bizarre to the onlooker and more satisfying for the practitioner.

Just as it would be misleading to characterize physical perseverations as 'dance', it is equally incorrect to confuse voiced perseverations with ' chants' . A chant consists of a single line of words or a phrase repeated 'exactly' so as to emphasize the meaning of the contents of the chant. Peseveration offers peace of mind to the perseverator through repetition combined with subtle alteration until the content becomes meaningless. Mere repetition would not suffice.

Reorginization of the order of words or sounds is allowed as long as the words or sounds are taken from the pool of words or sounds available within the first few iterations of the perseveration with the exception of the word or sound which rhymes with a word or sound deemed pivotal to the success of the perseveration ( that is to say a word or sound which appears in the first few iterations of the perseveration). The rhyme is chosen for it's sound , not it's meaning and therefore can be highly effective in latter stages of the process by helping to avoid simple repetition while not imbuing any extra meaning to the words themselves or to the process as a whole.

A specific number of repetitions may, in some instances, be required to insure the success of the perseveration. For example, repeating a phrase accurately exactly five times, pausing, repeating the exact phrase five more times and then, say, altering the phrase slightly ( without adding any new words) and repeating the new, altered phrase in clusters of five repetitions only. Repition clusters are never even numbers, and seldom rise above ten ( In this case ten is an acceptable number of repetitions because ten is in REALITY two clusters of five).It is the repetition, rythm and subtle play within the cluster that offers the most relief for the perseverator. If, however, the perseveration continues beyond a certain number of clusters it will inevitably become necessary to alter the repetition number to avoid the accident of a ' mundane pattern cycling' which can lead to boredom and ,inevitably, agitation which is in complete conrast to the purpose of perseveration which is, allways, peace of mind.

Further more, the altering of the pronunciation of part or all of a word or sound is encouraged as is blending specific word/sound entities into one another as well as a new and different emphasis on a particular syllable of a word -, all usefull tools in the decay of meaning – while maintaining the integrity of the perseveration and thereby ensuring peace of mind to the perseverator.

If the perseveration continues for a long enough period of time, synonyms may have to be deployed so that the perseveration can be continued without falling into any given pattern of stark repetition so long as this does not interfere with the overall effect of the phrase, group of words, or word being repeated. Pattern making is essential to the success of a perseveration. However clusters , cycles and 'reps' MUST be altered as soon as a meaningfully PATTERN is discernable to the perseverator .Ultimately the gaol is to repeat, in an ordered fashion, the perseveration ( which, it should be noted, refers to both the individual entity being altered/repeated AND the process of repetition itself) untill it has lost all semantic meaning, while at the same time dissolving the conveyance of pattern.

The end or finish of a perseveration cannot be planned or predicted. In fact it possible for a perseveration to be interrupted for an almost infinite amount of time before the thread is picked up again, just as it is possible that a perseveratory event lasts only the minimum three repetition without interruption. Either of these extremes may have an equally profoundly positive effect on the perseverator's peace of mind.

Imagine a monk at vespers, rigorously muttering out the regiment of his prayer, while at the same time, subtly sabotaging the content, or meaning, of the prayer itself as well the mode of repetition until he is both transported to another realm and utterly at peace within his own mind.
Or, skipping centuries ahead, an autistic teen smashing his head against the wall, each smash subtly different from the next. Obsevrve him long enough and a rhythm may indeed emerge momentarily, but it will not last long enough in itself or as a subset of the greater head-smashing perseverant episode for any pattern to be discernable. Knowing that mere repetition would only bore and agitate him, he too subtly re-orders his head smashing.

And if you think that he can't possibly be truly 'perseverating' in the way the monk is because he may be hurting himself in the process and could therefore never acquire the desired peace of mind, try intervening or preventing him from continuing.

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