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Minx Mash

April 21, 2006

From my Right Honorable friend from his misreading of Little Minx's quoting his Uruguayan friend, who's English may not be perfect, in a somewhat All Your base must belong to us fashion emerged:

"That international gay man is carrying the new bag".

Willingly admitting his error my friend points out that he, "like Star Wars fans "incorrectly" remembering dialogue that ends up being better" inadvertently improved an already amusing line which we will repeat to one another in perpetuity whenever we see the bag or an international gay man and roar with laughter. Could this be The New Bag?.

The international gay man's The Bag.

The international gay man's The New Bag.


Homeless’s Hero

April 18, 2006

You find all kinds of stuff when you have bipolar disorder on your Google alerts. Most of it re-fried, naive, or requiring a subscription to read. If there's a piece about an actual person its either about another celebrity coming out or some sensational, heinous crime committed a Bipolor (even though the incidence of violent crime are no higher in the bipolar population).But there's usually a good find now and again.The Sun Sentinel posted a gem of a story.

Beverly Johnson from Florida is paying the bonds (bail) to get homeless people released from jail.

She was reported "spending $1,641 to pay the bonds of two-dozen inmates being held on minor charges." The inmates were all homeless people who couldn't afford even the small bail required to get them out of the can.

Beverly is a woman with Bipolar disorder who used to be homeless herself. Now after a divorce settlement she's pretty well set up with rental income and a home.

"I did this because I spent time in jail and know what it's like. It's awful in there".Twenty times in there while she was homeless for two years, actually.

The people she sprung were in jail for things like loitering, trespassing and disorderly conduct. And she's done this more than once – many times in fact.

It must be pretty hard to avoid getting in trouble with the police if you're homeless.

You need to trespass to sleep.

You need to loiter to beg for money to eat (I know; or drink)

No more room at the Inn (or Psych unit as it were) so your behavior can get bizarre. (more…)

A Hairy, Scary Stare

April 2, 2006

Hairy, Scary, Stare

From the age of 14 when showers were first required after gym (and a good idea too), I was the tallest and hairiest beast in the locker room. With newly elongated limbs, I was also the most uncoordinated. I dreaded the locker room, the towel whips and cruel taunts my classmates had to endure.

Luckily for me, the wee jocks seemed intimidated by my size and all that hair – head to toe, I assure you. Occasionally, when a little muscled sportsman would dare to try to goad me, a simple, fatherly stare would suffice to stop him in his tracks.

"Wow, the Bean gave me the evil eye, I'm shaking now.", one particularly small, fit and sexy black kid would say. His favorite taunt had to do with my disco shirts. But it never failed. After a stare, he left me alone. He was the only black male in grade nine (and ten and possibly eleven). Imagine the type of teasing he must have fretted over nightly.

In due course I learned more about my new super power. I used it sparingly. Everyone, even my buddies, stayed away from me in the locker room as if my hirsuteness were contagious. I had certain advantages I was not about to share with anyone. Although gym class remained a nightmare and I wouldn't grow into my limbs, well, ever. I came to nervously look forward to the changing room.

From my isolated perch above the wet heads of my class mates, I could survey the scene at hand and thus increase my repertoire of nocturnal fantasies several fold from each gym class. Thus could a gay gaze be had in peace.

Becoming David

April 1, 2006

David This is Michelangelo’s most famous sculpture, the David. It’s important to us gay fellas because this piece, more than any other in the public’s consciousness, marks a return to the ideals of absolute beauty of Antiquity. David is an icon of the male form. He is what a man should look like. He is what the men in our culture strive to become.

We gay fellas know what a monumental task becoming David really is. Maybe because we’re vain, or maybe we figure the only way we can have a David of our own is if we look like one ourselves. From steroids to second careers at the gym and starvation, it’s clear that we will do whatever it takes to become David.

Straight men seem only slightly less enthralled with the cult of David because they believe (erroneously?) that women find them irresistible in their natural, flabby form. Less and less, however, is it considered feminine to be body-conscious. Even straight men are now shaving their bodies and vanquishing all forms of fat from the face of the earth. (more…)