Fabulous Fuselages

Lo-TekAero5.jpgLOT -EK  Aero Library interior

Thanks to Jill at Inhabitat (now on WordPress no less) for showcasing such a cool idea for a building.

An entry for a library design competition in Guadalajara, basically this proposal is a bunch of refurbished fuselages (that would otherwise be discarded) stacked on top of one another with catwalks and an open central core.But it's a little more than that. The building tapers out as it goes up like a giant parallelogram. A massive outward tapering screen makes up one side of the building.

Now, there are complaints by some commenters about its impracticality (apparently jets tend to leak if not pressurized). Then there's the inappropriateness of using junkyard jets for a library. Really? One complainant points out happily that this proposal didn't win the competition.

This one did. But there's no pictures or drawings of the proposal that I could find. And we don't like no pictures.

This building proposal is quite unlike anything else the architects at LOT -EK have designed. These guys are masters of re-use. Check out their CHK Container Home Kit. Its quintessential LOT -EK; rectilinear, hyper-industrial and bare bones efficient.

Adapting to the shape of the fuselages, their library is anything but boxy. Its a steely, airy, futuristic dream that just happens to be make remarkable use of what otherwise would be trash.


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