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02-27-obelisk-chairs.jpg02-27-obelisk-2-.jpg Finally a really cool solution for the ever shrinking outdoor spaces squeezed out for the modern urban dweller.

It starts out as a 2001-ish monolith/obelisk and quickly disassembles into four chairs and a table. The wonderful thing here is that this is not some 'concept' design circa 1975. It actually seems to work. And more, the chairs look comfortable, stable and practical. Once you're finished entertaining, you simply re-build your obelisk and you've got a cool sculpture. Quite a design challenge which DEDON meets head on.

Of course at $9890 U.S (w/ cushions), those truly in need of space efficient solutions for their homes might be able to spot an obelisk rising out of the terrace of a million dollar penthouse. In Toronto? Count yourself lucky because for some reason the set seems available at studio b home (334 King street West E.) for a mere $7,760.00 Cdn. Go Figure. At that discount price you might well get a second mortgage on your condo to pay for it. Source and Authors/Photographers:DEDON.

Mac Gets Smarter


←Some pretty cool shit from GelaSkins, This is 'Toxicity' by Alex Noriega. Gelaskins is offering a dizzying array of iPod skins for a mere $14.95 U.S. (Plus if you buy three you get one free!).Not bad. Not bad at all.

Now I don't have an iPod (yet) but I'd love to wrap anything from a Palm Pilot or Blackberry to a laptop in some of these mesmerizing skins.

iPodgolfer.jpg← 'Golfer'. Perhaps the most boring skin. Its only hope seems to be as a gift for dad. But then again, how many dads have iPods? OK, maybe the hip or young ones but even they would want something a little cooler I should think.

iPOd worst.jpg← 'Summer 69'. While it may remind some of the patterns on their frocks from that era, to me it screams laundry room wallpaper, 1975. Does everything have to be revived? So this is ugliest one in my opinion. Chartreuse and brown. Hideous.

iPodbosch.jpg← 'Garden of Earthly Delight, Hieronymus Bosch.' Yeah right. Hardly a picnic there. Hieronymus really knows how to scare the crap out you. But I like this one. A proff once said "Its easier to depict Hell than Heaven". OK. True. But nobody does hell like Bosch.


← 'Farbstudie Quadrate, Kandinski'. This is hard for me because I really like Kandinski. But like almost every other skin (especially Bosch) it demonstrates one thing: How out of place the iPod interface looks surrounded by these fine works of art and graphics. The dial looks great, particularly here with Kandinsky's circles. But the completely artless graphics kind of spoil the whole thing. Don't ya think?

Except this one. 'Craotek by Craola'. Everything melds together nicely here. There's great colour and design and with this as your skin you'd be left with a forever fascinating object.

Truthfully though, they're all cool. And according to Gelaskins, made of high grade vinyl. You're listening to your favorite music anyway.So why not carry around a little art for added inspiration?

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2 Comments on “Hungry For Cool”

  1. how can i purchase? Says:

    how can i purchase the skins for the i pod?????

  2. StyleFred Says:

    Hi, if you want to have this cool dedon design object. Have a look at: Dedon Obelisk

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