Hurry! Disabilities For Sale Now!

wheelchair2_blue.jpgI’m driving down Bloor Street with my friend yesterday. Traffic is heavey.We’re barely crawling when he spots it; a brand new Rolls. Black and massive and gorgeous parked in front of Christolph’s.

We’ve checked out the Bentley’s at a dealership near my place but we’ve never seen a late model Rolls in the flesh. There a quarter of a million bucks so its not surprising.

I’ve made it a habit to check to see who’s parking in the disabled spots at my local Lawblaws.There are six dedicated spaces.Very rarely there’s perfectly average cars with actual permits. More often, any type of car with no permit at all.

But far and away the most common sight are immaculately clean, late model, high-end vehicles with the blue wheelchair cards on their dashes.

I also check to see who gets into these cars and it always seems to be able-bodied looking customers hurrying into their Benzes or Lexii or Cadillacs.

I guess I could ask one of them what’s up. But what are you going to say? Hey, lady, you’re seem to be pretty healthy; running around just fine and then you jump into a car with a disabled permit. Where’s the disability?

wheelchaired2_blue.jpgWell, maybe its invisible. That’s possible. Or maybe the lady’s just stepping out to grab some groceries while her paralysed husband waits in discomfort at home.

And, you know, you feel guilty questioning whether or not someone is disabled. Then you start wondering why you’re even wondering about it. There’s lots of wealthy customers at Lawblaws. Why wouldn’t some of them be disabled?

Except it happens over and over and over again. Rich, healthy shoppers getting to into expensive cars with disabled permits.

So as we’re approaching the Rolls I say I bet its got a disabled permit and sure enough …

This icon of privilege and wealth, the only car parked for a good half block, and the driver’s disabled. I just don’t buy it.

wheelchaired_blue.jpg“Disabilities for sale.”

We laugh. I eventually get the car turned around so my friend can take pics. He sees the same phenomenon all the time himself so naturally he’s going to want to document this.Plus he’s the one with the digicam.

I don’t know what I believe. Are these permits easy to get if you’re willing slip a little cash to a clerk at city hall? Are rich people the only ones who’ve figured out that all you need is a doctor’s letter to get one and after that there’s no worries because the laws aren’t enforced anyway? Or maybe I only notice the ones attached to fancy cars.

Because they do draw attention, those fancy cars.

Just to clarify:“Disabled person parking permits” are issued to the individual with the disability, the permit privileges are not transferable. The permit is not valid when displayed on a vehicle and the vehicle is not being used to pick up, drop off or transport the holder of the permit named therein. Persons who use a “disabled person parking permit” in the absence of the named holder, may be charged under the Highway Traffic Act.

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3 Comments on “Hurry! Disabilities For Sale Now!”

  1. It wouldn’t be a shock to me that people of privledge were abusing the system. No sir, it would not.

  2. donaay Says:

    come to see what happens in lebanon, fancy and no fancy car, you can cry… In here we live in a jungle, so imagine …

  3. lucy hall Says:

    why are so different to us they aint nothing special were all humans ….. SORRY IF IT SOUNDS LIKE BULLYING

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