In the Woods Today


My Christmas card for 2006.

It was done using Paint – a bitmap program. Have a look at it on Flickr as it has much better resolution there.

I make cards every year for my family and close friends – have for decades.This year though, there was little response to the card. My dad finally mentioned that he thought the card was “commercial” and din’t realize I had done it myself.

Good friend Joe did the type and set it up for printing so it really did look professional. Beautiful font – really the whole card looked great (thanks, Joe).

We had some discussion about “digital art” and Joe pointed out it has a tendency not to look hand crafted/homemade. Judging by my family’s reaction, this seems to have been the case this year despite the fact that I spent many more hours on this card than I have done in the past.

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work but I got more RAM as Christmas gift so now I can get a more sophisticated graphics program.

Merry Christmas!

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