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Banksy’s Hope?

January 2, 2011

I think of a cultural generation of being, like, ten years. And there are three generations below that but they didn’t grow up seeing almost anything good. If you were maybe a stray genius — which I know everyone thinks they are, especially people your age, but they’re not, there have never been that many, they’re not going to start now — the cultural environment is so debased, it has an echoing effect for many generations. I don’t know if the world ever will recover, frankly. I really don’t.

Fran Lebowitz

(A most admired cynical-humorist)

Then re-quoted on Sore Afraid

(An excellent read BTW.)

Ms. Lebowitz was referring to the terrible loss to the world of art due to AIDS. A dark but touching tribute to the too-many-lives-lost to that plague.

But, many artists have survived, among them a stray genius or two. So to Ms Lebowitz, heeeeere’s Banksy!

And of course his hilarious/troubling/terribly sad really, intro to the Simpson’s.

No matter how many times I try, I always mispronounce his name.

As for Fran, me think she doth protest, if not too much, maybe a little too soon.